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    In the District of Columbia (DC), students are required by law to attend school between the ages of 5 and 18, which corresponds to kindergarten through grade 12. As such, every student within the district has a right to attend at least one of the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) beginning in kindergarten through grade 12. A right-to-attend school can be identified as a student’s in-boundary school or feeder-pattern school. Families who wish to enroll their child in a right-to-attend school do not need to submit a My School DC lottery application.

    What is my in-boundary school?

    To identify your in-boundary school, visit the Enrollment Boundary Information System (EBIS).

    What if my in-boundary school is a dual-language school?

    For families whose in-boundary school is a dual-language school, and in the case the family does not  wish to participate in a dual-language program or the student is not proficient in the second language, DCPS provides a second right-to-attend school.

    For non dual-language alternative schools, see page 15 of the My School DC Lottery & Enrollment Policy Handbook.

    What are my feeder schools?

    To understand your feeder-pattern schools, see:

    How do I enroll in my in-boundary school?

    To enroll in your in-boundary school, for students in grades K through 12, complete a DCPS enrollment packet and submit it, in person, to your in-boundary school.

    For assistance enrolling in DCPS, please contact an enrollment specialist at enroll@dc.gov or (202) 478-5738.

    For more information about specific DCPS schools, visit our schools profiles page.

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